At TFH Concept store in Warsaw, photo Open Call Magazine

With Adam Leja at the exhibition of J. Antkowiak in Łódź, photo Michał Radwański

Agnieszka Janas, fashion journalist:
“Ilona belongs to the type of people in whose company you want to be. She is a careful  listener, a professional in the field of fashion and has a lot of knowledge in this sector. If  we add personal culture and grace to it, we have the full benefits of a woman, a  journalist and a stylist. Do I recommend cooperation with Ilona? Of course!"
Adam Leja, a fashion collector:
"I had the pleasure of meeting Ilona during the Dior exhibition from my collection at the  Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź. When she appeared in the museum in a beautiful  pink suit, it was obvious that she knew about fashion. She interviewed me  professionally and openly. We now meet at fashion shows, and sometimes Ilona borrows things from my gallery for photo sessions. She is always able to perfectly choose and emphasize the appropriate style”.
Agata Tanter, editor-in-chief of Lamode.info, fashion online portal:
"I work with Ilona Jaworska in creating content for the Lamode.info portal and  organizing fashion shoots. Ilona is well-known as a professional, conscientious,  ambitious person and approaches her duties with commitment. She is also  characterized by enthusiasm and a cheerful spirit, which makes our cooperation  inspirational and positive”.
Ewelina Dac, a fashion journalist:
"Ilona is a real work titan, and at the same time a person with an extremely warm  personality and highly cultured. Ambitious and creative, she always strives for selfimprovement, which translates into all her projects. Everything is framed by a sincere  smile and openness which makes working with her sheer pleasure".
India Sakale, editor-in-chief of Vers-24, fashion and lifestyle online portal:
"Ilona Jaworska is an extremely hardworking person, she always does more than is expected. She approaches her work very professionally and with responsibility. And you  can see that she loves what she does".
Ilona Czarnik-Nawrocka, make-up artist:
"Ilona Jaworska is an incredibly talented stylist with impressive knowledge in the field of fashion and its history. We met at one of the photo shoots for the editorial. During our  collaboration I had the feeling we had known each other for a long time. Her ideas are  not by chance, they are perfectly composed creations that inspire and set new trends.  An extraordinary person, full of passion and commitment, professional and trustworthy.  I highly recommend her".
Kamil Banaszek, fashion photographer:
"Ilona is a person fascinated by her work. Full of energy, she brings a good spirit on the  set of a photoshoot. She is characterized by full professionalism and great attention to  detail. She has a head full of innovative ideas and more importantly, she realizes them".
Liz (Eliza Białogrodzka), model:
"Highly professional, combined with classical and at the same modern - these are Ilona's  outfits. Cooperation with her is a mixture of a large dose of inspiration, a pleasant  atmosphere and a creative spirit".
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